Performance data will be inaccessible between 00:00 UTC and 01:30 UTC daily, while the host data is being updated.

How QuickMag works

QuickMag uses publicly available performance data from all projects on the Gridcoin whitelist to find the top four computers on each project with the specified component. This is used to determine each computers magnitude.
More details are available on the Github page.

Running QuickMag locally will usually be much faster if you are looking up many components. It will also allow you to control when the host data is updated.

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Gridcoin Performance Units:




Missing Team Data: yafu Missing Team Data: lhc
Hardware Type:     CPU
Hardware Name:     GENUINE INTEL(R) CPU @ 2.30GHZ
Desired Units:     MAG
	Project  |  Top 4 magnitude(s) for GENUINE INTEL(R) CPU @ 2.30GHZ
	odlk1      NULL   NULL  NULL  NULL
	yafu       NULL   NULL  NULL  NULL
	tngrid     0.90   0.01  NULL  NULL
	numf       0.52   NULL  NULL  NULL
	nfs        NULL   NULL  NULL  NULL
	universe   NULL   NULL  NULL  NULL
	cosmology  20.55  3.80  NULL  NULL
	lhc        NULL   NULL  NULL  NULL
	rosetta    1.77   0.68  NULL  NULL
	yoyo       NULL   NULL  NULL  NULL
Information generated on Mon Nov 29 09:37:15 UTC 2021

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